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Who Knew?

Im 19 and I came home one night and saw my 16 year old brother had his friend over. They were playing Grand Theft late after mom had gone to bed. I went in to tell my bro about my date. The guy was a major lame and couldn’t kiss I told them. My bros friend mumbled, you should try me. I told him I liked grown men with big cocks. Then he stood up and flopped his out. This big? He asked. He was huge! 9 inches of thick black young cock. Damn I said and he put it back in. I was so turned on. I was already horny and unfulfilled from my date. I played, sayin you don’t know what to do with that. He asked do you? Then I couldn’t help it. I hate to show this kid. I pulled his cock out and deepthroated it in front of my bro. I licked, sucked and got it super wet. I played with his balls while I looked up. He sat and let me take control. My brother pulledhis cock out and started to Jack off! He’s huge too! My brother looked so sexy I started touching his theigh. He took my had and! put it on his dick. I felt it swell and grow. I switched and started to suck my brothers cock, his friend stuck his fingers inside me. He banged my pussy so hard while my bro held my head on his dick. He shot a huge load in my throat. I sucked him dry. I couldn’t believe he just filled me like that! It was so hot. I got off his friends fingers and climbed on my bro. Do you wanna fuck me? I asked? He said yes and we kissed hard while I slid him inside. His big dick slipped in my wet cunt. He filled me up so good I came with a few pumps. His friend started rubbin hisdick on my asshole. I told him do it. Next thing I know filledwith both huge dicks fuckin me hard. I wanted to scream so good but mom was sleep. I came so hard then collapsed with them inside me. I couldn’t take it but they kept going. My brother fucked me until he shot inside. Then his friend. I love my bro.

Categories: Taboo Sex FantasiesPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin