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School Girl

18 at the time . My mums good friend (vedade, hes surbian really hot, n hot body) gives me a call one day, saying kum over to his mates place to catch up, (his mate was my mums ex boyfriend) Anyway i had a crush on this guy so i got in my school uniform made it extra sexy, skirt just covering my ass. Top so oven yuuh could she my tits. I went over. Oh btw he is married with 2 kids. I walk in coz i still have the key. The 3 or theguys their just stare at me i laughedand asked for a beer. Thats wot they were drinking, Vedede comes back with a beer and cufs, I start to get really wet, he can tell coz im sitting with my legswide open. He lays me down with all 3 of them their totaly foreting about my beer, hadcufs me to the bed ad ses ‘babe we have all wanted to do this for a very long time’ They rip off my clothes and than their own, Its making me so horny im licking my lips. My mums ex boyfriend comes over sits on my stomach licking sucking playing with my boobs with are all ready rock hard, vedade comes starts licking me out and fingering me first with one and im already moning now, than 2 n 3,, The other guy i didnt really no much was starting on my ass , his name was jay. Salah sticks his hudge lebo dick in my mouth i start slow, but his moning is to much. I go faster whilst bucking into vedades and jays heads trying to get the to go harded n faster coz im about to come. I fanally come the same time as salah and its all in vedades face, looks so hot . He starts fucking me now, getting harder and faster, im still sucking on salah, and i feel jay dick starting to slide into my ass. It hurtsso bad , but aster afew mins it feels so great. Vevade comes in me n so does jay . Salah is sitting down now and vedade n jay come up no start sticking the dicks in my mouth. I suck on the for ages, the were spent so the wet to clean off n have a shower. Salah come over ad unties me. I say thanks i hae always wanted that. But he kisses me b4 i can finish speaking. Im shocked, i always had a lil something for him but i thought he was off limits. But he ses ‘baby i love you and always have’ he goe down on me i come all over his hands we fucked for hours. I think the others went home. Nowme n salah have been dating for 1 yeah, we have mad sex(: .. The hard part was getting mum to understandz I love yuuh salah.!!

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