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my boyfriend called me and said he wanted to come over. I agreed and told him to be here in 30 minutes so I could take a shower. when I hunged up, I went to pick out some clothes to wear. I got shorts, a tank and nothing else. then I went into the bathroom [...]

Sex In The Car

Yesterday was a great nite for me and my girlfriend =) we had sex in the car! It wasn’t our first experience though. But last night was crazy! Haha let me share a bit of my story. We had some drinks with my gf’s friends at a club. Me and my gf left the place [...]

First Time

I was at home ready for eric to pick me up, we were going to school game and then maybe out to eat or something. we had been together now for a year 2 months. I have been dreamning about how our first time was going to be. As i got into his car sat [...]

Fuck Me Like The Slut I Am

My boyfriend and i were coming home from the movies, were we had sat in the very back and made out the whole time, and he leaned over to me and said are u ready slut by now my pussy was wet and a bump had formed in his pants. as he was driving i [...]

My Boyfriend

im a virgin and started going out with this really hot guy from school. he’s a basketball player and his body is so sexy he makes me wet like crazy. one day while walking in the hallway at school he came from nowhere and just grabbed my hand and led me to the boys locker [...]

Pub Leads To Threesome.

Me and my mate Dave were at the pub and were sat chatting to Vikki, a cute petite blonde who we worked with. The drinks were flowing and the talk soon turned to sex. She admitted that she thought we were both hot, so I jokingly suggested that we have a threesome. To my surprise [...]

A Personalised Story For Alyssa.

It was your 18th birthday and you’ve been planning your holiday for months. Since you can’t legally drink till your 21 you’ve decided to go where you can. There aren’t many choices but you’ve decided you and your friends will travel around Australia. You take time of work and sy goodbye to family. The days [...]

This Is Evie

I’ve always got turned on with my boyfriend being with other women.. It gets me so wet thinking about him fucking, licking and enjoying other girls bodies… He says he doesn’t want anyone but me, but I know he would enjoy another girl’s body.. Im thinking of tricking him into it one day.. I’ll have [...]

Playing With Myself

So I get home from a date and I can’t help myself from whipping out my toys. I’m so turned on from the sexual tension from my date that my cunt is dripping wet and my clitoris is throbbing. With the scenarios of my date flashing through my head I shove my 8 inch ribbed [...]

My First….

We booked a hotel just to hang out together he was already there waiting for me I walked in and found a trail of rose petals all over the floor leading to the bedroom, he grabbed me and pulled me close I felt him getting hard he led me to the bedroom which was covered [...]