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Night Time Visitor

I lay in my bed waiting in anticipation. He always comes to me about this time. Both of us know that neither of us should be about to do what we know is going to happen as we both have others in our lives. But we can’t seem to stay away from each other. This is not the first time he has paid me a visit in the night. Then I hear the front door open. I am instantly wet. Then slowly the bedroom door opens as if he is trying to not wake me. Trust me I am more awake than I ever haven been. I watch as he removes his shirt I can see his tight body in the moon lit room. I want him more than ever. Finally he makes his way to my bed. He realizes at this point that i am not asleep. He leans down and kisses me softly on the lips he does this several times and each time I am getting wetter amd wetter. He moves a little closer and I can feel his hard cock thru his shorts. I want him now and I try to pull him over to me but he just continues to kiss me moving down my neck and to each of my breast. My nipples are so hard as he teases each of them with his tongue. He kisses all the way down taking his time until he reaches my hot wet pussy. He takes his time kissing all around the area I am wanting kissed. He knows this drives me crazy and makes me want him even more. Finally he makes his way to my clit. The first flick of his tongue almost makes me cum right there. He feels my body shudder and knows he has me right where he wants me. He continues until I can’t stand anymore just before I cum he makes his way back up my body kissing every inch. Pausing again at my breast and! then back up to my lips. Now it’s my turn to tease him a little I too start kissing him all down his neck across his chest. And stomach. Pausing at the waistline of his shorts running my tongue across the skin just above them. I can feel his large hard cock. I need to taste him. I remove his shorts and kiss him all around near his cock. This is my payback for all the teasing he did to me. I take his cock into my mouth. Paying special attention to the head. I work my mouth sucking and stroking. I do this until I can’t stand it I have to have him now. I starddle him and take him all the way in. This is what I have been wanting. He feels so good between my legs. This is the moment that I have been longing for all day. We beging to move together. As I ride him he grabs my hips and even though I am on top he is in complete control. We had started of slowly and we have continued to build speed. He is trusting beneath me hard and fast. He then sets up and I wrap my arms around him. In one quick movement I am laying where he was laying and now he is on top. He has slowed back down and all I can think about is how he is making my body feel at this moment. I start playing with my clit. It all feels so good. It didn’t take long until I cum on his hard cock. He can feel my increasing wetness and that I am getting tighter around him. I have one of the biggest orgasms that I’ve ever had as I cum he cums. However this isn’t the end of my story. We continue like this for three hours. Once we are done he collapses on me. We are both! hot sweaty and exhausted. As he leaves I know he will be back and I’m already waiting in anticipation.

Categories: Sex StoriesPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin