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My First Time With Uncle (True Story)

It happened on my 19th years old birthday, I been to a pub with friends and got rather drunk. However I manage to get back home by myself. My house is dark and I didn’t switch on the light and got into my uncle’s room by mistake, he is 46, staying with my parents and me. I was too drunk to walk back to my room even though is just next door. I climb to his bed and lie down beside him and he woke up, looked surprised but he put his hand on my tight and starts to caress my tight. I am wearing a mini skirt and soon he move his hand higher to my g-string and slip his finger inside me while his other hand pull up my spaghetti top and slip under my bra to fondle my nipple. I have not have sex for a few weeks already and feel really horny and wet, he finger a little faster and I moan softly afraid my parents from the other room hear me. He continued to finger me till I orgasm. He took off my spaghetti top and bra then my g-string leaving just my skirt on, then he use his hard dick to rub against my vulva. After just a few rub it got inside me and I let out a loud moan, he quickly kissed on my mouth to muffle my moan. He continued to stroke his dick inside me and licking my neck gently, increasing his speed on me, I using his pillow to cover my mouth to pervent any more loud moan. He told me that he is going to cum and my legs wrap around his waist to have him cum deep inside me, he off load everything deep inside me and he hug each other on the bed with his dick still inside me, and it got soften and come out and a while. Ever since, when my parents when overseas or very late at night when I feel really horny, I will go over to my uncle’s room or have him do with me on my bed. I am 23 years old now and even though I have a boyfriend now but we still do it almost every week nowadays.

Categories: Taboo Sex FantasiesPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin