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My granda teaches for another school and they were going to go on a field trip so I went to because she asked and I could I didn’t know anyone from that school that well and was kinda nervous but I went anyways. As soon as I was on the bus I met eyes with the most magnificent creature I’d ever seen. Her name was holly. I think were in love. Idk if she’s noticed me but I sure have noticed her. If we left her we would have been leaving something amazing behind. I was sitting in the back of the bus alone and wondering if I would ever have a chance to talk to her then it happened she walked to the back of the bus and sat beside me. I froze! Trembling in fear I wondered if I should start the conversation. Before I could she grabbed my big cheeks an kissed me. It was a hard passioate kiss one you wouldn’t mistake for the kiss of just a friend. I kissed her back with the warmness in my veins I felt so overwhelmed by the intimate feelings all around us. How could I ever be go! od enough for her? She was just too sexy for me to ever be able to handle. She attacked me like a tiger!! Ferociously ready for my passionate kiss once again I couldnt wait to tear her clothes off I just wanted to lick her up an down. Shewas just too good to be true.

Categories: Sex StoriesPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin