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Losing My Virginity – At Last

Maybe she was turned on by taking a virgin, maybe she never guessed I was a virgin – I’ll never know. Either way, we both had our fun and I had a great introduction to sex. Having left public school, I joined uni not having done anything other than a bit of a snog. Hormones were raging and mild acne had held back my confidence I had. So it wasn’t until the end of my fresher year that I finally lost my l plates. J was your 7 out of 10 girl. Not a knock out but good looking, slim, lovely hair and 5’6. Bit like me perhaps. I was fit from sport, had a stupid 80′s haircut and had still to fill out after finally growing up tall after always being the smallest. We were living in mixed student halls where we all had our own room and got on pretty well with one another. I knew j from being around but wouldn’t say was anything more than acquaintaces. I can’t remember how it happened, but I was in her room one evening and she was getting upset about her boyfriend( who was also at the uni). I was giving her a hug which she returned and before I knew it, I had the biggest hard on showing against my crothc. There was nothing I could do about it and so I just kept holding her, hoping it would go down. J was crying and holding me tighter. Finally she recovered a bit and just let me stroke her back. From the position we were in (on the floor sort of kneeling) there was no way she could miss my arousal but she didn’t say anything. Finally she just put her face oin my neck and said thank you. I asked her if she wanted to stay awhile longer. She said something to the effect of needing some sleep. Eventually we got up, and she gave me a kiss on the lips goodbye. It was all a bit weird especially with her on tip toes, her body rubbing against me with her apparently still upset. I went back to my room and probably had a wank – to be honest I can’t remember. I was left thinking huh?! Maybe a couple of nights later there was a knock on my door. This probably sounds made up, but there I was without anything on, getting ready for bed. It was j and I put my dressing gown on before opening the door. She was crying again. I asked what was up -it was the boyfriend again and something he had done and she just wanted a hug. I let her in, somewhat embarrassed by only having my gown on but she didn’t mind. I wasn’t expecting anything and so there I was, giving her a hug in the middle of the room. Amazingly my hard on seemed under better control this time, or maybe it was the weirdness. She sat on the bed and I was on the chair at the bed’s end. She could see my embarrassment with the dressing gown and giggled. In the fantasy it would all work out cool, right? Of course there and then the opposite happens and being English, I did the obvious and made a cup of tea. (I know!!!) So there we were chatting, her on the bed, trying to keep covered up and her fully clothed whilst we talked about nothing in particular. At some point though, something clicked, and I realised that This night we would be having sex. Maybe it was totally obvious to anyone else that it had always been on the cards. I don’t know. All I knew right then was that I moved a hand on her thigh as we chatted. A quiet came over us and I moved my hand directly to her right breast as if it were the most normal thing to do. Through her top and bra, it felt so full and firm. It was a C cup or there about and in hindsight one of the most perfect I’ve come across. My fingera and hand felt how soft and perfectly round each breast was and for a few seconds she just let me continue. I was surprisingly relaxed. what are you doing Gav? Y reply amazed me in it’s confidence I’m feeling your breast. That was it. Not justification or defensiveness. I was touching her and she just sat there as I continued. I undid her top and eased my fingers over her bra. Then I moved finger tips between the cip and her breast, around to her nipple which was hard. The tips gently rubbing over her hardness. We looked at one another. With my other hand, I tried to undo her bra. She smiled and we both knew I needed practice on that one. she reached behind and did it. my hand could now caress her full breasts unhindered now. They were perfect orbs. I lent forward and even though the bra was soft of in the way, I couldn’t resist kissing them and taking the nipples into my lips. she was saying things like, we can’t do this. I said no, we can’t. I looked ip and she lent down to kiss me. I needed no prompting to return. for sometime we were sitting side by side devouring one anoter. Eventually we had to get more comfortable. I stood up and she opened my gown. My hard on pointed straight as her and before I knew it, her mouth was closed over my cock. Oh my god… So that is what I’ve been missing out on! I watched, almost detached, as her lips covered my nob and her tongue bathed the sensitive underside, her hand held the shaft. Here I was getting a blowjob. As slightly unreal as it seemed, The reality was ecstasy. Before it got too much, I got her to stand up and I undressed her. She was worried about a small bit of eczema and I was completely useless by asking whether it was contagious. I cringe in hindsight! Her yellow cotton underwear was very unsexy, but the sight of her black triangle of pussy hair over came that. She had a pungent smell but I thought, hell i’m not going to miss this one because she hadn’t just got out of the shower. I also knew why sex mags had shaved pussies. I wasn’t a fan of the hairy muff. But nevertheless, I dived in like I had just found heaven and indeed it felt like heaven. Her warm thighs on the side of my face, her moans as I tasted her whole pussy, my Tongue exploring her lips, my nose burying into her soft wetness. I loved it She puled me back up and we kissed and rubbed our bodies together. And if I hadn’t said enought of the wrong things by now, I managed to say, tell me when you are ready. She never did say anything but somehow I just found over her in the missionary holding my cock against her wet pussy. Belatedly I said I didn’t have a condom, and she said she was on the pill anyway. I tried to push in but just then I went soft. Jeeezzz! I was thinking. This is not cool! I’m about to get laid and I can’t keep it up. But I seemed to keep things together and her to just hold me. Instantly i was hard and felt that first miraculously good feeling as my nob and then my shaft slide felt the wet warmth of her pussy swallow me easily. From Reading any book about sex I could lay my hands on, all I knew was to go slow, but my clck just slid so smoothly right to the hilt and as I did those exquisite sensations filled my entire cock and radiated through my body. God that feeling alone took me back to my very first orgasm and I just wanted to slide in and out, repeating that delicious feeling of thrusting deep inside her. I think it was because it was different to a wank that I managed to hold off for awhile. I supported myself as we watch each others face only inches away. I remember as the two of us became totally entranced in the act of taking each other, her hand were clasping my head as she panted. I was somewhere between there and somewhere else, trying to hold off the orgasm and trying to take it all in. And then there was no more delay. my balls contracted and the load erupted into her. Within a few more strokes, I had been totally zoned out, beyond any chance of continuing for her. I had lost my virginity at last and it was sheer bliss. We lay side by side just stroking one another in my afterglow. I remember wondering what she was thinking. I never asked and hope it was on the lines of, ‘he liked that for a first time and it was fun for me too’. Whatever, I don’t know. For a half hour or so we stayed there, chatting or just caressing. Both our eyes were closing and when we forced ourselves awake, there was the slight awkwardness. Time to get up and separate. She got dressed, I put the gown back on. We kissed good night and she left. I closed the door and silently cheered myself. I thought that would be it, but as luck would have it, I must have done something right. We were chatting in the common room a few days later. It must have been a weekend morning as I had been rowing and was still in my kit. Any awkwardness had completely gone as I assumed she didn’t want any more. So when she ‘looked and smiled’ at me, I was caught by surprise. Her eyebrows said all I needed to know. I said I was just going to get showered and afterwards just when I thought nothing was going to happen, she knocked on the door. Within a few seconds, we were both taking her clothes off. This time I found the joy of foreplay. At one point after apparently having a monster orgasm (frankly I don’t know if it was all a put on – but hey) she put her hands on my face and asked me ‘where did you learn to do that!’. I didn’t dare say, ‘i’m a hormone enraged bloke who can find the joy of sex a turn on’. Still, over the course of mostly afternoon shags, I got to try out most things. As it turned out, J wasn’t the wholly experienced girl I had fist assumed. She didn’t masturbate and only tried it in front of me after some encouraging. Thereafter, there was no holding her back. Her hairy muff didn’t stop both os us loving me eating her and her appetite for sex seemed insatiable. Throughout this time, she was fucking me and her boyfriend – who to my knowledge never knew. Thankfully I only knew him in passing. I remeber asking her if she preferred my tongue ir her boyfriends – apparently he wasn’t into giving oral quite as much as me. For some reason I was then curious to know when his cock had fucked the very pussy I was tonguing. She said it had been the previous night. I automatically wondered where in hell’s name I had asked, but strangely found it incredibly erotic. I have no requirement to eat another guy’s cum from a pussy so the only way I can explain it was that she was loving my Tongue making her cum – taking her places that her boyfriend was failing at and I loved that pussy – it felt fantastic. I dived in further and she realised it had turned me on to. Before long, she was cuming hard. Afterwards, we chatted about it and from then on, she would tell me more and more about their fucking and in turn we ended up fucking each other even harder. There were a couple of occasions where she went off to fuck him after a visit to me and vice versa. The latter was a bit beyond me and I didn’t go down on her, but I did fuck her. Still, there was something very horny about demanding I take her with his cum still in her. (yes I know re. Safe sex but I was young I’ve since had tests). Eventually, the day came when one of us had to say the obvious. She did it by simply saying after a fuck, that’s the last time. it just seemed right and once said there was nothing else to do. So she got up, dressed and left within about 5 mins. Only one other thing to say. A group of us from the hall, including J and her boyfriend, were having a lunch together soon after. One of the girls who I knew really well and wasn’t averse to fun (not with me unfortunately) quietly mentioned that if it wasn’t for the boyfriend, I would be well in there with J. I couldn’t resist saying back, you are so too late – she’s positively insatiable with a big smile. the look on her face was priceless as she realised the demure J had a hidden side.

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