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Find My Wife Fuck Other Guy

I took a half day off from work and wanted to surprise my wife at home. I went to my car and quickly start my engine of my car. And vroom I go. When reaching my front door, I heard a man voice and my wife. So I though it was the tv. So I open the door slowly cos I don’t wanna make my wife hear I’m home. And there was no one in the livingroom. And I heard my wife moaning. I quickly sneek to my room and saw she’s giving a guy a blow job by look thru the peck hole. I felt angry and horny at the same time. So I quietly sit and watch them. My wife sucking his dick like an ice cream and roll her tongue. Kiss his red head and giving him a deep troat. She’s living it and said that he fuck her better than me. She told him that she want him in her tight pussy. She lean back as the guy kiss her body and down to her pussy. I was surprise that my wife could moan so sexy like that. He was eating and licking her pussy like nvr had it for a long time. I continuely watch as my dick start to harden. My wife ask him to fuck her hard as she grab him from his hair and pulling it hard. He stand and the dick is just right in front of my wife face. She continuesly suck it hard for another 5 min. And he told her if she be a good girl he will fuck her hard. So my wife follow what he told her to do. Sucking and lick his dick and ball, the guy said it ready to taste it from below as she been a good girl. She sound happy and she turn around and bend. He slowly put his hard rock pink headed dick in her wet sticky pussy. She start moan! ing louder and can be heard from the neighbour. She look that she like it all and ask to go faster and faster as the orgasm is reaching. She push hard in and scream for pleasure. She told him to cum in her and make her pussy fully loaded with his cum. She rocking front and back and follow the movement of the guy. And he said his coming soon and there he goes. I could see from his face and the cum brust out into my wife pussy. She said it not over as she want more. She suck it clean and the guy had a quick drink at my side table. She continue sucking and a surprisely that his dick goes up again fast. She laugh and look at him shy. She open her leg wide and ask him to fuck and and cum in her. And he put it in again. They fuck and turn different side and style until she cum so wet. Her moan makes me wanna fuck. As I look at the guy face that he is going to cum the second time. And he shot it out again in her wet pussy. She bend down to look at her pussy that is fully loaded by his cum and smile at him. She told him that she like it and want this tomorrow. As I heard that, I dash into my room and stand there angryly. She was holding his dick hard and don’t wanna let go. I told her that I’ve been watch her from the begining and she cry for forgiveness naked. I took my beg and fill all my cloth in and walk off. And now I heard she doing it with different guy everyday. And now i’m staying with my hot aunt and fuck her everynight. So I still live in happy life. But still can remember what my wife did when I sneeking watching her get fuck.

Categories: Sex StoriesPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin