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Crazy Day

I’m a 21yr old female….so 1 night me n an ex were bored n he always joked about goin 2 a swinging club so finally I told him let’s go. so we get there n he paid a stripper 2 give me a lap dance n I must admit she was hot! So she started doin her thing n whispering in my ear that I’m sexy n that I had nice boobs n she jus grabbed em. Later that night we were leavin 2 go back 2 our hotel room n on the way 2 the car the stripper was goin 2 her car n she called me over n asked me if I had a cigarette but I told her no but my boyfriend does. He ended up keavin them in our hotel room so we invited her 2 come with n jus hang out. we get there n he goes n uses the bathroom n she jus grabbed me n kissed me. She pushed me on the bed n jus started unzippin my pants. She flipped me over n spread my cheeks wide n jus started fuckin my asshole wit her tongue.. Mmmm that felt good. She was also fingering my clit n my boyfriend came out n was jus surprised at wat he was seein. I called em over n jus pulled his 7in cock outta his pants n started suckin it dry. She then flipped me over n started eatin my pussy while my boyfriend fucked my mouth.. Finally I came all up in her mouth n my boyfriend nutted on my face so she licked it all off… I then decided 2 return the favor n started eatin her out n slid 2 fingers in her pussy, then a 3rd, n finally a 4th… I took em out n let her lick her sweet juices of em. My boyfriend then bent her over the bed n jus shoved his cock in her tight asshole. As he was fuckin her from behind I got under her so that I could lick her pussy som more n she could lick mine. Finally my boyfriend came inside her asshole n she sat on my face so that I could lick it all up! THE END….. Man I’m horny now lol

Categories: Sex StoriesPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin