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Blind Extacy

his is a true recent story………….. My lover and I met at our usual trashy motel eager to please each other as we usually do.! I had told him I had an erotic fantasy to blind fold him and seduce him. So we got naked he grabed a towel from the bathroom and he lay on the bed put the towel over his beautiful eyes and the fun began! I slowly kissed him as he slid his hand down and started to rub my very wet pussy . He then slid his thumb inside of me as I fucked his thumb slowly I kissed him deeper and kissed his neck working my way down to nibble and suck his little nipples. He is stilll thumbing my juicy pussy but I took his hand out and put his wet thumb in his mouth so he could taste me as I worked my way down to his delicious hard cock! he sucked all my juices off his hand as I began kissing and licking his one thighs running my nails over his tummy gently he was moaning with delight wondering what I’ll do next……. I start to lick his balls then all the way up his roock hard shaft and back down sliding his balls one at a time in my mouth. Swirling my tounge around his balls then back up his cock to his dripping head I paint my lips and nipples with his pre cum and go upand let him lick and kiss my lips then my nipples. He was soooo horny he wanted more…… So I went down and sucked his cock for about 10 min teasing bringing him close then stopping a couple times, I wanted him soooo badly I took off his towel and we kissed passionately. He then went down and licked and sucked my pussy bringing me close to cumming all over his face. I wanted him inside of me so I went on my knees and he began fucking me hard from behind both of us moaning in extacy he fucked me sooo hard I thaught I was going to squirt on his cock bur we both came with such an intence orgasam that we just dropped. Completely satisfied so I thaught…….. We lay there for about 5 min then he put me back on my knees and fucked me hard again then I layed on the bed as he cum all over my dd tits then rubbed it all over them best sex I have ever had……. It is too bad we are both married! We meet again this week wonder what will be next?

Categories: Sex StoriesPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin