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A totaly true incest story, sister brother

Hi, Let me start with saying, I am all for incest, but I am against forced sex, with anyone. If it does not come as a part of a good relationship between partners, I am against it.
My story start somewhat back in time. Our family is not big, two sisters, one brother. I am #2, my one sister is older.
We grew up in a good and loving relationship. Mother and father were caring, loving and kind.
Me, I remember I had sexual feelings from I was a very young boy. Tried to peep true keyholes, tried to suck my mothers nipples, which was denied, and spied on my older sister. She is 4 years older than me.
One day she and her girlfriend sat in the living room talking boys, I overheard the conversation, sitting behind a parly closed door. It came to sex, and the whispering was so I could not hear. My sisters girlfriend left, and I went in and started to tickle my sister. She was not impressed, and told me to stop. My I touched her breast, a little to hard, and she became angry, I then asked her why, and if it hurt, why could she not show me how to do it right. And that was the beginning of our realtionship that is today still going strong.
She took my hand and placed it our her breast,showed me how to touch her nipple, I begged her to take of her blouse and bra, and she did. I remember I took her breast in my two hands, kissed the nipple licked it and sucked it.At that time I was 11 years.
She told me later she was all worked up by her conversation with her girlfriend.
We went to the same school, but had to take the tram, and ot was always full, so we were standing in the middle for most of the time, packed as sardins. One day coming from scool, I was behind my sister, and we were pressed together, my schoolbooks bertween my legs on the floor in a bag, her books the same way. I felt her behind pressing against me, and I started to get an erection, and she felt it right away, and continued pressing, I pushed back and forth, and the moment of the tram help us. My hands were on my sisters hips, and it took me 30 seconds to cum, I know I was only 11, but I had started to masturbate at 9, cumming at 10. She felt I stiffened up, and she told me later, she knew.
Next day I was so horny, I did not what to do, I finally went into my sisters room, and asked her to show me her breasts, just like that. She did it, and that was when we fucked the first time. I kissed and licked her the way she had thaught me how to do. I played with her for a while, then my penis became so hard it was painfull. I took her hand and placed it on my leg just outside my penis. She took and opened my fly, pulled it out and masturbated me. I came in no time, but I was so ready for more, and started to feel her up. My fingers met her pantieline, and I felt she spread her legs, and I was able to fingerfuck her. She too, came very soon, but we were not ready to stop , and wanted more. She told me to take of my clothes, and I said yes, if she did the same. We looked at eachother both naked. She was so beatiufull, not much hair on her pussy, her budding breasts stood straight out. We both wanted to fuck, no quistion, so we wasted no time. She told me to get on top of her, between her legs, and I did and started to pump way before I was inserted in her, but she calmed me down, tokk me with her hands, and placed it in her. It was wonderfull. I can not describe my feeling, but I can still remember the taste this feeling gave me in my mouth.
This was the begining to a relationship that has lasted. She married a nice man, they have two children together. But my sister and I have one together, a girl. She was the first born to my sister. My brother in law do not know, and will never know. Our daughter is married , and have two children.
I am married, but have no children with my wife.
My sister and I still meet when we are in the same nabourhood, and we still enjoy each other.
If you are into incest, if you do not abuse and force yourself upon anyone, but really feel that incest is and can be the right answer for some, regardless of what neisayers say, write me. We can talk, share thoughts, no matter where you live in this so small world.

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