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3 Wayyyy

So I had seen people doing it so i thort id try. Today me n my girlfriend were sitting at home and her perants went out and after they left she got up and said I have a prezzy for u but stay here so I did n she came back in the sexest little out fit in the world, then the door bell rang and she look to see who it was and then said close ur eyes and then I herd the door and then her and someone else sat down next to me and both said open ur eyes and as did I saw a girl from school abd the were both kissing me n putting their hands Down my pants and then they said wait 1 sec walked off and came back, they were both naked and said at the sane time I want u in me they stood me up took my closes off and started taking turns a blowing me, the they sat back down and the girl from school started playing withmy gf while she was blowing me then they swich and we switched again and I was licking out the hottestgirl in school ( my gf doesn’t go to school with me) and then my gf sat on my erect cock and darted riding me and the! n started kissing the other girl and then they swiched and just before the other chick orgasimed she got off me and then istarted lick her out and I pulled my head out and she squirted about a foot then she was layingon the table and my gf went and bent over at the table and kissed her while we did it doggie style till we both orgasimed

Categories: Real Swinger Sex EncountersPosted on: 19th November 2010 by: admin