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3 Wayyyy

So I had seen people doing it so i thort id try. Today me n my girlfriend were sitting at home and her perants went out and after they left she got up and said I have a prezzy for u but stay here so I did n she came back in the sexest little [...]

Ray Rays Dream

On my way home from work my girlfriend is sitting in the seat next to me. Were talking about the weekend and our plans for the long holiday weekend. As I pull into the driveway she starts nibbleing on my ear and kissing my neck. As the garage door slowly closes she unbuttons my pants [...]


My granda teaches for another school and they were going to go on a field trip so I went to because she asked and I could I didn’t know anyone from that school that well and was kinda nervous but I went anyways. As soon as I was on the bus I met eyes with [...]

Blind Extacy

his is a true recent story………….. My lover and I met at our usual trashy motel eager to please each other as we usually do.! I had told him I had an erotic fantasy to blind fold him and seduce him. So we got naked he grabed a towel from the bathroom and he lay [...]

School Girl

18 at the time . My mums good friend (vedade, hes surbian really hot, n hot body) gives me a call one day, saying kum over to his mates place to catch up, (his mate was my mums ex boyfriend) Anyway i had a crush on this guy so i got in my school uniform [...]

Crazy Day

I’m a 21yr old female….so 1 night me n an ex were bored n he always joked about goin 2 a swinging club so finally I told him let’s go. so we get there n he paid a stripper 2 give me a lap dance n I must admit she was hot! So she started [...]

My First Time With Uncle (True Story)

It happened on my 19th years old birthday, I been to a pub with friends and got rather drunk. However I manage to get back home by myself. My house is dark and I didn’t switch on the light and got into my uncle’s room by mistake, he is 46, staying with my parents and [...]

True Story

Thought I would tell couse I hav read and seen many on here umm well here I go. It was on a Thursday and my parentz went 2 a party at my aunts house and they would stay the nite couse we live in same town. So I dsided 2 party and hang with my [...]

Who Knew?

Im 19 and I came home one night and saw my 16 year old brother had his friend over. They were playing Grand Theft late after mom had gone to bed. I went in to tell my bro about my date. The guy was a major lame and couldn’t kiss I told them. My bros [...]

Losing My Virginity – At Last

Maybe she was turned on by taking a virgin, maybe she never guessed I was a virgin – I’ll never know. Either way, we both had our fun and I had a great introduction to sex. Having left public school, I joined uni not having done anything other than a bit of a snog. Hormones [...]